Best Heavy Bag Stands 2020 – Must Read Before You Buy

If you are serious about creating a home gym where you can practice boxing, getting a heavy bag it’s probably the first thing you think about.

There are plenty of ways how to set up a heavy bag at home. You can Mount it to a wall or to a steel beam in the ceiling. Sometimes, however, that may not be the best option if you don’t want to drill a hole in someone’s wall if you’re renting. The same is true for the ceiling.

Heavy bag stands offer a more simple, hassle free solution. You don’t want to go too cheap on your stand, to make sure it doesn’t rock back and forward and make a ton of noise.

The other thing to consider is the size you don’t want to get one where the bag hangs too low for your punches, especially if you’re tall, like me.

You also need to make sure you have space for the stand bag, the corner man takes up 7 feet on either side.

Another thing is that you want to move around the bag 180° if possible, for trying kicks or creating angles with your footwork.

We have identified the best stand bags in the market at the moment and if you have some budget, and the space, we definitely recommend the Century Cornerman.



Century Cornerman



Balazs Heavy Bag Stand



Title Double Trouble Bag Stand




Let’s jump straight into the full list


1. Century Cornerman Heavy Bag Stand

This is our favourite heavy bag stand, you can work around this fully 180°, it doesn’t move around when you hit it, you can hang a full size Muay Thai bag on it and you can hit it hard without making any noise.

Design and Specifications

The cornerman has two horizontal legs that stretch 7 and a half feet either side, which fits perfectly in the corner of any room or garage. It has 5 adjustable heights, from 72″ to 96″, making it ideal for all heights.

The unit is made from 3 inch round, 16-gauge Steel and the shock absorbing design, keeps it steady during vigorous results.


What They Can Improve

It’s hard to fault this stand, it is pretty awesome. The one thing we could fault is maybe the quality of the metal could be better.

It costs $450 but you get free shipping.

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2. Balazs Universal Heavy Bag Stand

Balasz Heavy Bag Stand

Just when you think we are trying to do everything to push you towards the cornerman, there is a better unit. The Balazs takes up less space, performs just as well and can hold a heavier bag.


The problem is that it costs $1,400.


Design And Specifications

It has a more compact design, it’s footprint is 68″ by 44″ and it has a similar height to the Cornerman at 95 inches.

The beauty of this bag is that it will hold up to 300 lbs which is awesome and you also get a guarantee for one year which is pretty decent too.

This stand doesn’t wobble, doesn’t make noise, you don’t have to add any additional weights and you can add attachments like a speedball platform if you contact the supplier.

You can also get custom heights built if you are taller fighter.

The specs on this bag stand make it ideal for home use or commercial use.


What They Could Do Better

The price is the only thing we could really fault them on here, but you do get very good quality steel and design for the price.

If you’re looking for the very best without mounting it to the ground, this is it.

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3. Title Boxing Double Trouble Heavy Bag Stand

I really like the title boxing double trouble heavy bag stand because the design allows you to have 180 access to the bags.

You can also have a heavy bag along with an angle bag or a double end bag for more enjoyment and a more varied workout.

Design And Specifications

This one has a cross design rather than a triangular one and you can hang 2 125lb heavy bags, one on either side.

The footprint of the stand is 60 inches wide by 60 inches long and the height is 90 in which is also pretty reasonable.

Two of the sides are made for holding the bags and they have D Rings at the top and bottom.

The other two sides have pegs for holding weight plates to keep it grounded and stop it from making noise as you hit it.

You can adjust the height from 90 inches down to 72 inches.

This one is also made of good quality industrial tubular steel, powder coated for durability.

You have the option to buy it on its own or with two 70lb heavy bags, or with 170 lb bag and a double end bag for $300.

The Stand on its own cost $200 which is a bargain.


What They Could Do Better

This could be made of more heavy-duty material, it can make noise when you hit it if it’s not weighed down properly, you need to buy weight plates or sandbags to weigh it down. Could be slightly taller

All in all this is a really good purchase.

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4. Athletic MMA Heavy Bag Stand

We really like this stand, it has a nice open design giving you 180 degree access to land your strikes. And it also has a minimal design.


Design And Specifications

This bag stand boasts a working height of 94 in which is one of the tallest on our list.

It comes in a triangular shape that is ideal for wieght bags in each corner to stop her from moving around and making too much noise.

The Athletic Stand can hold a heavy bag up to 350 lbs which is very impressive.

Other things we like about this design is that it is made in the USA  and they give you 3 unfilled sandbags making your job of weighing down the unit that bit more easy.

You can extend the feet to the side for more stability and you can also add more weight so that it doesn’t rock and make noise.

All in all, this is a really good stand made of durable steel.


What They Could Do Better

The unit can be a bit noisy if it’s not fully weighted down, the price is a bit high at $650 but you do get a lot of quality for the price.

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5. Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

This is the first stand on our list that restricts the movement around the bag and does not offer for 180 degree access.

This stand is still good quality though and you can get a nice intense workout with it.


Design And Specifications

The Everlast has a Triangular design but the two arms come out a lot straighter and there’s a restriction of movement around the bag.

You can move in and out but you can’t create angles by moving around the side, which is important if you want to practice kicks and footwork.

It’s made of tough tubular steel and it can accommodate a heavy bag up to 100 lbs.

There are three pegs, two in the front and one around the back to help weigh it down.

The footprint is 69″ long by 48″ wide and it has a height of 86 inches, which could be higher.

This is a good Stand Bag for going 90% or for a junior fighter. If you hit it too hard they will make some noise.

The best thing about this one is the price, it only costs $100.


What They Could Do Better

  • Can’t get 180 degree access to the bag
  • Material can be better
  • Could be taller
  • Need to buy weight plates to weigh down
  • Makes a lot of noise


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6. Happybuy Heavy Bag Stand

This is her best budget option, it is similar to the balasz, except you need to weigh it down with weight plates or sandbags, but it does allow 180 degree access to hit the bag, even if the arm doesnt reach out as far.


Design And Specifications

This is made in a triangular shape using steel and iron with PVC coating making it durable and long lasting.

The stand comes with three weight plate pegs, where you can put weights on to hold it steady during rigorous workouts and it will support a bag of 132 lbs which is impressive.

The height is adjustable from 61 inches to 72 in, which is lower than the previous two and wouldn’t suit me or taller fighters.

The other cool thing about this one is that you can attach a pull up bar and push up bar for extra workouts.

The footprint is 62 inches wide by 48 inches deep so it can fit in a smaller space.


What They Could Do Better

The metal material on this one is a bit cheaper, the design isn’t as good, it moves around a lot and makes noise, you need to buy weight plates or sandbags the way down, it won’t last as long.

The stand as well priced at $176.

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7. Century One Size Heavy Bag

This is similar to the Everlast one, it has the restrictive front design that doesn’t allow you to move around the bag and create angles.

It is well designed and you can get a good workout on it though.


Design And Specifications

You’ve got two weight pegs at the front to keep it in place and one at the back.

The century one size, is exactly 87 inches tall so not the tallest on our list but not the shortest either.

This can hold a bag weighing about 200 pounds and it’s idea for a 75 lb or 100 lb punching bag.

This one does what it says on the tin, it doesn’t make too much noise when you’re hitting it hard once its weighed down properly.

Overall it’s a good quality heavy bag stand.

The century is also well priced at $120.


What They Could Do Better

  • The height of this stand could be taller
  • The design doesn’t allow 180-degree access


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8. Ringside Heavy Bag Stand

This is similar to the Everlast and Century one size in design and it only allows you to hit it from the front.

This is still a quality bag stand if this is the only amount of space that you have and you were on a lower budget.

Design And Specifications

This has the same triangular design with the two front legs sticking straight out restricting your movement around the bag.

It’s got two pegs on the front and one on the back to put weights on to hold it down.

It’s 95 inches tall which is one of the tallest on our list so it’s perfect for hanging a full size Muay Thai bag or something that’s a bit heavier.

It is 35″ wide and 50″ deep meaning it will fit in a smaller space.


What They Could Do Better

  • The design stops you from moving around the bag
  • Makes noise when you hit it


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9. Title Boxing Adjustable Heavy Duty Heavy Bag Stand

The title heavy-duty bag stand is perfect for a commercial setting when you can’t use wall mounts. This one needs to be mounted into the ground but it offers an excellent experience.


Design And Specifications

This is 4 inches wide with a depth of 48 inches and you can work all around the bag effortlessly.

It has two adjustable heights of either 74 inches or 86 inches which isn’t the highest but still should be sufficient.

It comes with the ground anchors included but you need to be sure you have permission to drill into the ground.

There’s no movement or noise from this heavy bag stand and it’s excellent for a gym where the walls aren’t suitable for a mount.


What They Could Do Better

  • They could offer more height.
  • Needs to be drilled into the ground
  • Expensive at $800

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10. Balazs Universal Boxing Stand – 4 Station Heavy Bag

If you have an unlimited budget and a lot of space, this four station heavy bag stand can give you a full boxing gym in your backyard.


Design And Specifications

This sits on the ground in a cross shape and every end of the cross can have its own bag.

You have 180 access to each bag which is impressive and you can have a speed bag, a double end bag, a heavy bag and an angle bag all at the same time.

This comes with the double end bag attachments and the speed ball platform included.

You get a lifetime warranty on this which is quite impressive.

The footprint is 68 inches by 68 inches and is 95 inches tall. You can contact the supplier for custom heights.

The two heavy bag stands and hold 300 lbs each which is also impressive.


What They Could Do Better

  • This one is expensive at $3,000.
  • Shipping cost $900
  • Bags not included.


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Having been in the market for a heavy bag stand myself recently, I know the key elements you need to consider and what is involved in the best punching bag.

For me, the Balasz was a bit too expensive, so the cornerman stood out as the best option on the list.

The other one I was considering was the Athletic MMA unit as I like how tall it was but I ended up going with the cornerman and it’s a really solid unit.

Check out the cornerman out here or let us know in the comments about your personal experiences