Was Alejandra Jimenez Born A Man – Questions Surface After Failed Drug Test

Alejandra jimenez man

While we are going to say that we have no time for those caught doping in the sport of boxing, the accusations that Alejandro Jimenez was born a man and transitioned into a woman comes from a different source.

Famous boxing manager Steve Tannenbaum has leveled accusations against Jimenez saying that she was born a man and that whoever did the transition on her/him, did a terrible job.

In stunning accusations, Tannenbaum voiced serious concerns about the gender of Jimenez and the future of women’s boxing, if men are allowed to compete as women.

“I am .. doubtful of the true gender of Alejandra Jimenez, I’m sure she was born a biological male… I wonder what the medical credentials were of the plastic surgeon who performed the male to female transition on Jimenez. Perhaps the operation was performed by Tramane’s acting coach as the result is laughable.”


The accusations were first leveled at Jimenez by Carlette Ewell who is a women’s world title challenger in a back and forth with Jimenez stating that it was completely obvious that Jimenez was born a man, especially due to her appearance and deep voice. The WBC has stated these accusations are bullying but do they hold any weight.


The funny thing about it is that Jimenez started boxing late and her first fights came against men which would be absolutely remarkable. I have been around enough gyms to know that women who are late starters will almost struggle to keep pace with the men.


Jimenez turned pro after only 10 amateur fights and half of those were against men who she beat.

Things have gone from bad to worse for Jimenez who was stripped of her WBO world title following a failed drug test for the banned substance.

Franchon Crews Dezurn Feared For Her Life

Womens Champ Dezurn

We really feel for her opponent on the night, Franchon-Crews-Dezurn, who said she was battling for her life in the ring and that she had never felt that kind of power from a man or woman in the boxing ring.

Speaking to Boxing Addicts, ‘The Hard Hitting Diva’ told us of how she actually feared for her life in the ring

“I’ve been hit by strong men (and) the power wasn’t like a man; it wasn’t like a woman, it was different. In the second round, I actually got hurt for the first time in my whole career — amateur or pro and it’s terrifying – It was pretty scary because I was fighting for my life, I really could have died”


“There was no remorse, This person was going to do whatever they could to get that belt and kill me. – That’s what you’re supposed to do but knowing she took all these measures to cheat and do the wrong thing; it’s really scary. But I am just blessed, I am very blessed to have my life.”


Whatever the outcome of the fight and handing back the title rightfully to Dezurn, the question is going to continue to be asked, Is Jimenez a Biological man, fighting against woman and not informing the public that she is a transgender.


We are not alone in our thoughts that would be a terrible precedent for womens sport and we believe biological men should not be competing against women, if our course Alejandra is a biological man which we are not sure is the case. Steven Tannenbaum certainly thinks she is and that is a terrible omen for the future of womens boxing which is riding high on a wave of its quality champions.



The WBC has come out with a statement defending Jimenez even after a failed drug test and stripping her of her crown saying a gender chromosome test would not be carried out by VADA.


It is shameful and regrettable to read the irresponsible, defamatory, discriminatory and untrue comments on social media concerning Alejandra Jimenez, our proud WBC Super Middleweight World Champion. The individuals writing such rubbish and the organizations publishing it have zero moral integrity. It is the WBC’s duty to set the record straight and stop the horrible and inhuman attack on a person who is an example and motivation to the world.

In a sport like boxing, which traditionally has prided itself for being accepting of people from all strata of life and on the diversity of its participants, our Champion Alejandra Jimenez is being the target of attacks for having the courage to live an openly gay lifestyle and manifesting an appearance that is pleasing to her and her community.

Alejandra Jimenez is being bullied and deprived of the most deserving moment of glory . She should be lauded and praised as the role model she is. Instead, she finds herself having to defend her appearance and lifestyle.

Alejandra Jimenez is a 31-year-old single mother. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Ailime, at the age of 21. As a young woman, after the birth of her daughter, Alejandra was excessively overweight. At the age of 23, she found a boxing gym, which eventually changed her life. She made her professional boxing debut 5 years ago at the age of 26.

Alejandra has worked very hard and has overcome all type of obstacles. She reached the maximum glory in her sport by winning the WBC Heavyweight World Championship against Martha Salazar in Cancun in March of 2016.

She then inspired herself and through exemplary effort and sacrifice set her goal to fight at a considerably lower weight in the Super Middleweight division. This past Saturday night Alejandra defeated Franchon Crews Dezurn and became the WBC Super Middleweight World Champion. In route of doing so, Alejandra subjected herself to a complex out-of-competition anti-doping testing protocol conducted through the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA). Each and every test result was negative.

The WBC is often questioned because it has the strongest and most protective health and safety standards in women’s boxing including, but not limited to: VADA anti-doping testing; ten-round bout limit; two-minute per round duration; safer glove sizes; and mandatory pre-bout pregnancy testing. We also have a history of social activism to promote fairness and diversity in the sport and in the human condition including widely promoted public campaigns to combat bullying and drug use, and to promote sportsmanship and inclusion in and out of the ring.

The false and completely unsubstantiated accusations hurled at our WBC World Super Middleweight Champion, Alejandra Jimenez, offend the boxing community as well as society, but most importantly, Alejandra.

The WBC remains proud of our Champion, Alejandra Jimenez, her amazing accomplishments, and continue to stand by her through her glory.


Aidan Lehane has been involved in the fight game for well over 10 and has trained in some of the leading boxing gyms around the world including Sinbi Muay Thai and MTK Global Marbella. He wants to offer as much advice to beginners and pros as possible.

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