Muay Thai For Females: 6 Reasons To Try It Out Today

The benefits of muay thai for females are really endless. Not only will you grow in confidence and learn how to defend yourself. You will also get in the best shape of your life. Before we get into the benefits, lets have a brief look at what Muay Thai is and what it involves.


Muay Thai For Women


Where did Muay Thai come from?

Muay Thai is an ancient Asian martial art that is extremely effective in combat situations. As you may guess from the name, it has it’s roots in Thailand. Muay Thai was used by the ancient province of Siam to defend to country from invaders. The soldiers carried two swords and used the Muay Thai stance. If they dropped the swords they would continue to fight with their bare hands and feet.


The Art of 8 Limbs

Muay Thai utilizes 8 Limbs in attacking and blocking attacks of the opponent. The Hands, Feet, Knees And Elbows are all used and different fighters will utilise the different tools available to win the fight. Some may heavily favour the hands and some may use teeps and roundhouse kicks to maximum effect.



Is Muay Thai Dangerous?

Muay Thai is a sport that can be enjoyed by everybody, from kids to seniors and definitely females. Walking into a gym, the trainer will be able to quickly tell your level. You will more than likely work on pads, bags and practicing moves with a partner until you are ready to properly spar. This may take 6 months or less depending on your experience going into the sport. Yes, Muay Thai is dangerous but only when you get to a level where you are hard sparring or fighting but this will take time and a coach of any standing will never ever throw you in at the deep end.


Ok Now We Are Onto The Benefits

Excellent For Fitness

It would be very difficult to find a sport that will tone your body more than Muay Thai. A single class can burn over 1000 calories and Muay Thai fighters are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. Muay Thai uses every part of the body so you will get toned in all parts of your body. If you are thinking of taking up muay thai to lose some weight, you will not be disappointed. Like everything in life, the more you stick at it, the better you will get and the more weight you will lose.


Talking about fitness, it is not just about losing weight. You will also get toned in every part of your body. Muay Thai fighters are well known for incredible conditioning and immense 6 packs. It wouldn’t be surprising for a muay thai fighter to run a marathon without specific training either, such is the level of conditioning that can be achieved.



Self Defence

The world can be a dangerous place for males and females. Learning a martial art is the best way to overcome any fear or anxiety of being attacked. Of course, you won’t become Joanna Jedrezcyck over night but if you stick at it, you will build up some very effective moves very quickly.

Since Muay Thai was once used to defend Thailand it is definitely effective in a self defence situation. The use of all the limbs makes it very difficult for someone who is untrained to defend against the variety of strikes. Jiu Jitsu is also very effective and wont do any lasting damage to the attacker.



Being able to defend yourself is always going to build your confidence and make you fell good and that is a great benefit for any women who are lacking in confidence. This is also boosted by getting in better shape, pushing your boundaries and learning a new skill. I believe everybody should learn some form of martial arts and self defence as children to build confidence and help them grow into healthy adults.


For people who suffer from anxiety or are generally shy, Muay thai is a great way to express yourself and build your character. The confidence you gain from the art of muay thai can be hugely beneficial in all of your life.



Make Friends and Memories For Life

Muay Thai isn’t just a martial art it is a way of life and on your journey you are bound to make some friends for life. If you take up muay thai seriously you will be surrounded by some of the nicest and most genuine people on the planet and are likely to make some friends for life. If you are lucky enough to visit a traditional muay thai camp in Thailand for a holiday, it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Thailand is known as the land of smiles and is virtually always sunny. The advances you can make in Muay Thai by taking a trip to Thailand is invaluable.



Quality For Stress Management

If you work in an office environment or have a lot of stress in your life, Muay Thai is a fantastic way to unwind and release you stress. Hitting bags and pads as hard as you can really help to alleviate stress, anxiety and all the problems that go hand in hand with life. It’s not just hitting things as hard as you can, exercise releases endorphins in your mind that can help to improve your mood, prevent disease and give you a better quality of life.


Structure and Discipline

If your life carries you away sometimes and you find yourself eating bad food or ending up in clubs at the weekend, Muay Thai can be a great way to add focus and discipline to your life. On the days you are training, you will need to keep your diet clean and this can easily spill over into the rest of your life. When it comes to going out drinking too much and making bad life choices, not wanting to sacrifice the gains you made during the week will help you to stay on the straight and narrow.


The physically hard work and tough physical effort builds character and that helps you to grow as a person.


Have Fun And Live Your Best Life.

As I’ve said, you may end up as an amateur, pro or even world champion in muay thai but one thing is for sure, if you get into Muay Thai, it will be a life time love and you have great fun along the way. Muay thai caters to all skill levels and types of people. If you are on the fence about trying the sport, I would definitely urge you to get involved and have a great time learning, building and growing with this incredible sport.


What do women wear in Muay Thai?

Muay thai is a simple sport it take up, all you need is a pair of shorts and a tshirts to get started. As you progress, you can invest in the various, epically designed muay thai shorts, gloves and all the other accessories for an improving fighter. Do not worry about the gear when you are getting started, just get down to a quality gym and get going as soon as you can.


Aidan Lehane has been involved in the fight game for well over 10 and has trained in some of the leading boxing gyms around the world including Sinbi Muay Thai and MTK Global Marbella. He wants to offer as much advice to beginners and pros as possible.

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