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Boxing focus pads are the most effective to workout with a trainer in boxing as they can give you on the spot pointers to improve your game and ensure that you are adhering to their advice and it also provides an excellent workout to build up your technique, stamina, endurance, and conditioning.

A good boxing trainer will always be seen with his favorite pair of focus pads, ready to take fighters under his wing and teach them, from the basics to seasoned pros training for specific opponents. The styles of focus pads vary greatly is size and style and we hope that this list will serve you well on your quest for the best pair.

We almost always recommend curved pads to catch the hooks and whether you want to protect your wrists from heavy hitters or you want to use the Mayweather style using the pads like a swarm of bees to improve your fighters hand speed, or even if you’re training juniors, we’ve got something for you. Check out the list, shop around and let us know what you think in the comments below.

1. RDX Leather Gel Boxing Pads

RDX Gel Focus Mitss

RDX are one of my favorite brands when it comes to boxing, they offer high-quality products for reasonable prices and for what you get with the RDX Gel Focus Pads, These are great value.


These are made from authentic cowhide leather, which ensures that these pads are durable and will stand the test of time. These pads won’t crack or deteriorate easily and having used this brand a number of times I can attest to the high quality.

Grip and Padding

These are curved pads we always recommend as they allow you to catch, hooks and uppercuts cleanly.

These have an easy-grip gel ball inside the palm that allows your hand and to maintain its shape, was catching heavy punches and it also absorbs a lot of the impact.

The gel ball along with the wrist support on the back, ensure that your hands get all the protection they need even from the heavy hitters.

Inside the pads is Tri-Slab, Supremo-Shock Foam that disperses almost all of the impact and ensures the trainer is not going home with sore wrists from every session.

Design and price

These are well designed curved pads, they come in a stylish black white and red design and it includes meshing on the back that makes them breathable, so they don’t get too sweaty and hot.

There’s a velcro wrist strap on the back with ample support and the threading on these is secure and high quality, in the cheaper pads this will be the first thing to give.

Overall this is a high-quality pair of pads for a good price at around $60.

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2. Ringside Heritage Panther Genuine Leather Boxing  Punch Mitt

Ringside Heritage Focus Mitts

Our premium choice of boxing Focus mitts at the ringside heritage panther punch mitts. They have everything that you would look for in a boxing pad and more and they are probably the highest quality pair that I have ever tried.


These pads are durable and tough, yet soft and lightweight. These are made with 1.3 mm AA premium drum-dyed 100% genuine cowhide leather which ensures that these pads will last for years to come and the reviews of this product have been vastly positive.

Grip and protection

These mid-sized perfect for heavy and light hitters alike. They weigh in at 15 ounces bosch with the two and a half-inch foam padding and the 2-inch wrist arch, they offer all the protection you could possibly need from a pair of pads even against a large glove size and heavy hitters.

You also get a foam-padded finger hood at the top of the mitt that helps to protect the fingers when the impact of the Punch isn’t perfectly clean, which can be a problem in other cheaper mitts.

Design and price

The design of the pads screams quality just like everything about the pads. These are hand-stitched and the quality of the threading and stitching is immediately evident when you open up the pads and the smell of genuine leather is very satisfying. They come in a natural brown leather color with a light creamy secondary color and they look amazing.

There is a durable hook and loop strap for around the wrist and these are pads that are designed to last for a long time.

The cost of $190 will be justified if you are looking for the very best Focus mitts on the market today.

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3. Everlast Prime Mantis Punch Pads

Everlast Mitts

The Everlast prime mantis boxing pads number one choice if you’re on a budget, these come in at around $30 and they offer good shock absorption, durability and excellent protection.


Everlast Prime Mantis Punching Mitts 2

These are made out of premium synthetic leather and what they don’t offer the high quality genuine leather of the heritage pair these are still extremely durable and built to last the distance.

Grip and protection

Please have a large Isoplate area on the back to protect the wrist and ensure that it doesn’t hyperextend when the punch doesn’t land as expected.

They come with missing on the back as well to ensure that they don’t overheat allowing your hands to stay cool, especially in the summer.

These also come with highly dense, yet light foam inside that absorbs the impact from even the heaviest hitters.


Design and Price

Everlast Prime Mantis Punching Mitts 3

And these are very well designed, they come in a blue color with quality threading that you expect from Everlast.

The Iso place wrist protector at the back it’s quite distinctive and there is three targets sewn onto the front of the pad so the puncher can aim directly to the sweet spot.

Overall these are quality pair of pads for $30 and they should last for a long time.

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4. Meister Cow Hide Boxing Focus Mitts

Meister Focus Pads

Meister cowhide leather punching pads come in at number four on our list. These are brand that we really like for the quality and good prices and these pads are no exception.


These are made from a durable cowhide leather so we’re getting a durable long lasting material that is built to last for a long time and one of the main reasons why we like meister so much.

Protection and padding

These are gently curved to catch the shots flush and they come with 2 inches of foam padding to ensure maximum shock absorption and that your wrists don’t get sore holding the pads for heavy hitters.

He’s also have a large area of wrist padding to ensure your wrists don’t hyperextend and it helps to avoid injuries and protect the joints.

Design and price

These come in black and white and they cost $30 which is very competitive.

There’s a velcro strap on the back to ensure a tight fit and there’s also air holes on the back to ensure breathability.

These are one of the best pads on the market for a very good price.

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5. Fairtex Contoured Boxing Focus Mitts

Fairtex Focus Mats


These are hand made in Thailand with durable, genuine leather ensures that these pads last for a long time and if you look at the reviews these are very well received by anyone who’s tried them.

I used  Fairtex boxing gloves for years and the quality is second to none.

These have that strong leather smell that is really pleasing when you open the box.

Padding and protection

These are ultralight but still provide a lot of impact protection even for the biggest Fighters. The design is one size fits all and it’s for a medium-sized, so if you have large hands you should go with a different pair.

They have a protective finger Hood ensure your fingers stay safe even when a punch doesn’t like cleanly. These are designed to last a long time under heavy use

Design and price

These are a premium player coming in at around $99 and the design is quite simple. They come in a range of different colour combinations and they look very attractive from red and white to black and Yellow to Blue, there is plenty to choose from.

Overall this is a premium pair that will make a great purchase for a medium-sized pad holder.

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6. Pro Impact Curved Boxing Focus Mitts

 5 Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

Next up at the pro impact genuine leather curved boxing mitts. These are high quality pair from a respected brand that come with tons of positive feedback.


These are made from durable and genuine leather to ensure that there are long-lasting pair that don’t stretch or get damaged even with consistent heavy use.

You also have the choice to get these with synthetic leather for a little bit cheaper.

Padding and protection

These close around the back with a durable hook and loop strap. And they offer a good deal of high impact dense foam even for their smaller size to help absorb even the biggest of punches.

They have a gel ball in the middle of the group with your hand that makes it easy to catch every shot thrown at the pads and the design is also breathable with air holes at the back so they don’t get too sweaty.

Design and price

They come in three different colors, black, red and black and white and black and there is a Focus spot etched into the front of the pad to give the fighter something to aim at.

The genuine leather pair costs $80 and a synthetic version cost $70

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7. Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts – Black, Micro

Hayabusa Boxing Focus Mitts

Hayabusa are quickly becoming a leading brand mixed martial arts world and their is very well reviewed across the board. These pads are lightweight and comfortable for Fast and heavy drills alike.


These are made with a durable synthetic leather that should see the product lasting for a number of years and these are packed full of the leading technology on the market.

Protection and padding

These are micro pads mainly developed for fast work, they have a gel ball in the back to ensure you catch the Punch every time.

They have Air pocket’s in the pads that have a lovely pop everytime punch lands. And there is meshing on the back for breathability so they don’t get too hot.

They also have three layers of high impact foam ensure your hands are protected well throughout the workout.


Design and price

These have a durable hook and loop strap on the back for a snug fit.

There is a large hayabusa eagle etched onto the front for the fighter to aim at and these high quality pads will set you back $70.

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8.  Windy Curved Punch Mitts

Windy Boxing Mitts


These are another pair that are handcrafted in Thailand and windy are known for their premium quality muay thai gear but these pads can be used just as effectively in boxing.


These are made using genuine leather to ensure a long lasting, durable boxing pad that is high quality.

Padding and protection

These are lightweight pads with plenty of foam padding to ensure the protection of the padholder and they’ve got vastly positive feedback from all the reviews on Amazon.


Design and price

These have a velcro strap on the back to ensure a tight fit. They are a smaller design so you can’t wear your hand wraps with them but there is plenty of protection for the wrist and fingers.

These are designed to catch the heavy punches of professional Fighters and you can work with even the heaviest of hitters with these excellent pads.

These costs $120 but you get excellent quality for the price.

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9. Fairtex Aero Focus Punching Mitts

Fairtex Aero Boxing Pads

The Fairtex aero punching mitts are another leaving design from this well-known Muay Thai brand in Thailand.These large heavy pads with tons of padding for anyone who needs the maximum protection for the hands.


These are made from genuine leather and they are hand-stitched in Thailand with the utmost of quality that you come to expect from this leading brand.

These are a beautiful set of pads that will last you for a number of years without any issues.

Padding and protection

These come with 3 layers of Ultra-dense and soft foam padding. If you’re someone with hand injuries but still need to hold the pads, these will give you a ton of protection.

If you are a smaller training holding the pads for a big hitter or someone much heavier than you, this will be perfect to absorb all the impact of their heavy shots.

Design and price

These are some of the nicest designed pads on the market. Hook-and-loop strap on the back to ensure a tight fit.

The stitching and threading are expertly done by hand in Thailand with the best materials and leather.

There is a big arrow on the front of the focus pad for the Fighter to aim at and ensure accuracy.

These are high end pair costing $110 but you get good value with the quality of these pads.

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10. Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing Punching Mitts

 2 Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Sanabul Boxing Gear is growing from strength to strength at the moment and the feedback these products get is second to none will literally thousands of good reviews on Amazon. These curves pads will get the job done and won’t cost you a fortune.


These are made with genuinely engineered synthetic leather that is durable and Sanibul promise that this gear will stand the test of time as they want to be a stable name in your gym bag for years to come.

Performance and Protection

Do you have a half gel ball inside for your hand to grasp if you’re perfect for you and allowing you to absorb even harder shots.

These are also infused with ultralight foam from maximum punch impact absorption, having tested these, they are as good as similar pairs that cost a lot more.

Design and Style

These come with the Sanibul logo in a bunch of different colors from red, white, green to yellow.

They have a hook and loop strap for a tight fit, meshing on the back for breathability and at $24 these are unbeatable at that price range.

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11. Ringside Mini Boxing Punch Mitt

Ringside Mini Pads



Ringside mini punch pads are expertly designed for working on accuracy, speed or if you are working with juniors. These are micro mitts that are designed to handle even heavy punches.


They are made with the same high-quality leather and hand-stitched craftsmanship that we have come to expect from ringside and the heritage mitts we have already covered.

These are durable and built to stand the test of time even with heavy use. Their professional quality pads.

Padding and protection

Do you have two inches of shock-absorbing turn off the same impact absorption of the bigger mitts in a smaller size.

They have a curved surface to catch hooks and uppercuts as well as straight and jobs.

Designing And price

These are well designed with a red and black coloring. The stitching is at the top of the pad and it is good quality. There is a risk cover at the back that offers good protection and these are made for medium-sized hands.

These come in at $42 and will be excellent if you are working with kids

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12. Ringside Panther Boxing Punch Mitts

4 Ringside Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitt

Key Features:

The target training pad mitts are made of durable leather and measure 10″ x 7.5″ x 3″ in size

They cost $66.38

This easy to slip on and off pair features a contour fit to promote proper alignment of wrists, arms and shoulders

Perfect coach mitts for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and partner and all contact sport athletes alike to practice a variety of punches and footwork

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